River Mulde Dam - Installation for fish downstream migration taking shape! 

Peter Leisebein and Thomas von der Heide both "Wanderfische ohne Grenzen" took the chance while visiting the Major of community of Muldenstausee on March 23rd for a quick visit at the hydropower station Muldestausee. Apart from the problems with fish downstream migration according to the actual state of knowledge and the general problems fish face with dams and hydropower stations (also see Forum Fischschutz), there is really something happening at the River Mulde Dam. 

Rohbau WKA Muldestausee 75 Grafik

The dimensions of the waterinlet are gigantic! There's an existing  downstream fish migration installation, built according to the actual state of knowledge. An additional upstream migration installation is being built. There will then be upstream migration installations on both banks of the River. 

The strong inclination of the grill gives a good idea of the guiding effect of the 15mm horizontal grill.  At its downstream end a flushing flap is mounted to ensure fish downstream migration permenantly. On the right margin of the photo the upstream migration installation can be seen. It is already partly built and scheduled to be completed in 2020.