Haringvliet Sluices open!

The first obstacle for migratory fishes in River Rhine has been opened on November 15th 2018.
Also at high tide a certain number of flaps depending on the water flowrate will now stay open.
This means that for the first time since 1971 fish willing to migrate up the river will be able to use this former main migration route. Apart from that on the inside of the sluices water salinity will rise and will lead to brackish water conditions. Downstream migrating fish will no more suffer a salinity shock entering the North Sea. The NASF fish migration ecolabel also shows this improved status.

The Haringvliet is one of the great estuary arms of River Rhine. South of the city of Rotterdam the estuary stretches over 25km in length and 2 to 3 km wide. Until today it wasn’t possible for fish to pass the sluices upstream as water current velocity in the flap channels was too high.
Please find the press release of the “International Commission tor the Protection of the Rhine” here in various languages:

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DSC00258 Schnitt 25

Haringvliet Sluices at the Mouth of River Rhine into the North Sea. Photo dates from September 2018 with flaps still closed.

DSC00384 25

Only the comparison with the biker shows the enormous size of the flaps. This flaps will now also be lifted at high tide, so fish have a chance to migrate upstreams.

DSC00350 25

In September 2018 birds benefitted from the irritation of the fish caused by water pressure and difference in salinity...

DSC00390 Schnitt 50

...but not only birds - also seals...