#protect - help protecting our waters

Calling for protection of waters „Living Rivers Europe“ and the "European Anglers Alliance" have launched an initiative to increase pressure on the pace of implementation of measures according to the EU Water-Framework -directive.


Canalized Waters far from natural, fish mortalities, migration obstacles are only some of many negative impacts that have to be delt with implementing the EU Water-Framework-Directive.  

Just like us having our health checked by a doctor from time to time the European Community laws are being checked regularily. Right now it's the EU-Water-Framework-Directive's turn. It is one of the most ambitious environmental laws in the EU. The results after 15 years of implementation though are more than sobering. 

With the slogan  #ProtectWater  „Living Rivers Europe“ together with the  European Anglers Alliance (EAA)"  calls EU citizens to vote for the persistence of the EU Water-Framework-Directive and for more committment for the implemenentation. This public consultation is available online at our partner "European Anglers Alliance":  


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