rising water levels = eel dying



Abundant rainfall like in many parts of Germany these days where very welcome not only for fish-friends.

At River Oker in Lower-Saxony pleasure very quickly gave way to disillusion.

Many Eel were killed on this medium sized hydropower installation. 


 Pegel 50

Rising levels of River Oker caused silver eel to migrate with deadly consequences. 

River level: https://www.pegelonline.nlwkn.niedersachsen.de/Karte



Many dead eel within the suspended load - how many of them undetected? Why is so much of the suspended load already dry? Did someone try to hide facts? 

Actually we knew what would happen when river levels rise like that. The sqashed fish and the awareness that there are many more than meets the eye are deeply harrowing though.  As long as this kind of installations will not be equipped with an effective shelter for eel, glass eel stocking funded by EU and performed in Germany on a large scale does not make a lot of sense. 

PFNX118414 dead eel to be seen - how many are hidden?

For the major part of Germany further rainfall and rising river levels are predicted... 

We kindly ask all of you living close to hydorpower stations to document similar incidents. 

Thanks in advance in the name of fish! 

...apropos, in former times these kind of incidents became apparent more easily:

Turbinenschaden 1886

Deutsche Fischereizeitung von 1886....

Turbinenschaden 1888

Deutsche Fischereizeitung 1888