Arte Documentation denounces farmed Salmon  production

Tv channel Arte showed a 90-minute documentation about salmon production in open netcages at sea on 9th of June 2020.

Here are some of the core statements (all pics taken from the documentation)

Anzahl Lachsflüsse Norwegen

The number of salmon rivers is declining rapidly



Salmon farms like this one close to the Chilean shore

Lachsfarmen vor der Küste

On the Norwegian coast 500 fishfarms (yellow dots) are simultaneously in production and are hereby forming a biological barrier for young salmon (so called smolts) migrating to the high seas. In the Norwegian Laerdal River alone 90% (!) of the migrating smolts died in 2019 due to the overproduction of salmon lice caused by salmon farms where lice populations grow to enormous densities!

Wildlachs Farmlachs

Looking at the number of salmon in open netcages (yellow) in comparison to the number of wild salmon (green) it can be easily imagined how salmon lice - deadly for young salmon - propagate daramatically and destroy the wild salmon populations. 

Further negative impacts are: Genetic manipulation of wild salmon stocks through thousands of escaped and genetically manipulated farm salmon, dramatic pollution of the sea in and around netcages and spreading of deseases due to the mass production in a limited space. 

Ueberfischung Ozeane
A further problem of salmon production is the overfishing of the oceans. 

Fischanteil im Lachsfutter
Therefor the content of fishmeal in salmon feeds has been reduced from 50% to 10%. 

Anteil Fischöl

And there is only 10 % fishoil contained in fish feeds and therefore less Omega-3-fatty acids, than the consumer assumes. 

Anteil Soja

Worst thing though is that carnivours are turned into herbivours as 30% (see the finger pointing on it) of todays salmon feeds are made of soy beens. At this time huge deforestation of Brazilian Rainforests is taking place to enable higher soy been production. This means that Norway being the biggest supporter of the Amazonas Fond for the Salvation of the Rainforests at the same time has a big fraction of its destruction with its salmon farming industry.  


Negative conotation: Transporting soy beens to Europe it is treated with the in Europe forbidden chemical Ethoxyquin (Classification according to EG as acute toxic (orally) and harmful to health when swallowed) to conserve it and to prevent it from autoignition.

This way the toxine indirectly enters the human nutrition circle over the salmon. 


No other form of mass animal production tolerates so many dead animals as with salmon...  


Anually up to 20% dead salmon - inconceivable - who hears those fish when they cry?