Hydropower Station at Meinersen turns into deadly eel-trap again


Hydropower Stations in rivers are very often responsible for massive damages done to fishes.

Fish species being dependent on migration to complete their life cycles are theratened or even extinct. 

The reasons will be shown here in a series of short videoclips.

This clip here about a hydropower station at Meinersen on River Oker in Lower Saxony shows what happens unfortunately all the time when European Eel start their journey to their spawning habitats in the Sargasso Sea at the Gulf of Mexico: Even before the journey has really started, it is stopped here at this migration obstacle and many eel end up as flotsam in the container of the grid cleaning device. On the way to the Sea there are many hydropower stations... Please see the video here...


DJI 0442

A lot of the water has been led over the weir but that didn't prevent the Eels to take their way into the hydropower station.

On 5.2.2021 again eel were trapped in the dead end hydropower following the high water levels. At very high water levels eel gathered as often before in front of the grid of the hydropower station.  This happend although a lot of water was channeled around the hydropower station.

The bypass directly at the grid has not been supplied with water. So the eels were pressed against the grid again and again.

IMG 0490

Bypass pipe on 5.2.2021 without water and therefore useless!