Advisory Board


The meetings of the Advisory Board serve as a platform for the migratory fishes projects to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas in a very efficient way.

Transregional issues reaching beyond the excellent range of activities of an individual project can be delt with.

Motto of the first meeting was the presentation of the respective projects, getting to know each other and development of guidelines.

The following guidelines for the association "Wanderfische ohne Grenzen" have been worked out:


Advocate for fish species (incl. sturgeon)

Advocate for dynamic aquatic habitats

Advocate for functioning aquatic bioscenoses in the cultural landscape

Revitalization of the cultural aquatic landscape

Three topics have been regarded of major importance by the migratory fishes projects:

48   Strategy
25   Public Relations
25   Politics

Please find the topics and contents of the meeting right here…