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Referent   Titel                      
Stefan Ludwig  


Finn Økland   Fishtags and technologies - an overview Bericht     Präsentation              
Armin Nemitz  

Mark and redetection experiments along salmon reintroduction in NRW, a short 
methodical overview

Bericht     Präsentation              
Winfried Klein   Projects of the IG-Lahn Bericht     Präsentation              
Ulrich Thiel   Reintroduction of Salmon and seatrout – Brandenburg & Sachsen-Anhalt Bericht     Präsentation              

Pieterjan Verhelst

  Belgian acoustic tracking network Bericht     Präsentation              
Jan Reubens   The state-of-the-art of the European aquatic animal telemetry network (EAATN) Bericht     Präsentation              
Finn Økland
  Integration of ethical standards and animal welfare in project planning Bericht     Präsentation              
Carsten Nolting   Telemetry Study on Silver Eel Migration in the Western German Channel System and the River Bericht     Präsentation              
Christoph Petereit    Seatrout monitoring in the Baltic Sea area (Schleswig-Holstein) Bericht      Präsentation              
Andre Breukelaar    Usage of the NEDAP Trail system in the Rhine/Meuse basin Bericht     Präsentation              
Maxim Teichert  

Downstream migration of Salmon smolts on pilot hydropower stations:   first results of telemetric monitorings

Bericht     Präsentation              
Dr. Jens Salva   Wiederansiedlung und Erhalt von Wanderfischen durch den LFV-Weser-Ems e.V. Bericht     Präsentation