killing of thousands of fish might end soon!

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Fatally injured eel that has passed a small hydropower plant (18kW)  (Fotos: Stefan Ludwig)

According to reports of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" the huge negative impact of small hydropower plants could be substantially reduced in the future! For plants up to 500 KW installed power subsidies shall be cancelled. The rationale is that the ecological damage by far prevails the energetical yield! 


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Foto above: Small Hydropower (here: 18kW) causes massive fish-damages.

What fish conservationists always knew and what they hoped to get from the new government really seems to be implemented now!


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Photo above:  Fatally injured trout that have passed a small hydropower plant (18kW)

Please find the article of "Süddeutsche Zeitung"  here.







Hydropower plants: only 9 out of 1000 Fish survive!


Rhein Rechnung 50 


This alarming number is the result of a recently published literature study which compiled the results of 249 locations concerning downstream migration at hydropower plants.

Fish migrating downstreams in River Rhine from Rheinau (Switzerland) to Iffezheim (Germany) have to pass 19 hydropower plants.

None of these plants has installed any fish shelter for downstream migrating fishes.

According to the study mentioned a loss of 22.3 % of fish at each plant must be assumed.

The German Angling Association (DAFV) issued a  press release

Radinger, J., van Treeck, R., & Wolter, C. (2022). Evident but context-dependent mortality of fish passing hydroelectric turbines. Conservation Biology, 1–12.