Fish Migration Ecolabel

Ecolabel for the Biological Permeability of Migration Routes for Fishes


The Fish Migration Ecolabel works like a traffic light for migrating fish. It gives a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the biological permeability of the migration obstacles in a river. This ecolabel judges the impact of a migration obstacle on fish and their populations in a river system.

The label shows a color for each direction of migration, upstream and downstream, to emphasize the crucial relevance of taking both in regard.





Free Migration Routes are essential for the survival of Migratory Fish Species in river systems.

Migrating Fish may suffer severe damage at man-made migration obstacles.



Migration obstacles are:

  • dams,

  • sluices,

  • impoundments,

  • hydropower stations.



Typical damages:

  • killing,

  • injury,

  • stopping or delay of migration




Meaning of label colors:





The classification of a migration obstacle into the different color categories will be done by us on the basis of the best available scientific knowledge.

The respective studies and monitoring results are available on request.

The depiction of the migratory situation of a river system only shows those obstacles that are of major importance for fish migration.

It is not intended to replace the registry of the authorities.