salmon summit 2023 in Iceland

The 2023 Salmon Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, will be an opportunity for those in the salmon conservation community to connect with scientists, policy makers, advocates and industry leaders. Participants will learn about current developments in salmon conservation on both sides of the Atlantic and engage with their peers to enhance understanding, break down barriers, identify priorities, and create effective strategies and messages for 2023 and beyond. Topics covered will include regulatory and science updates, as well as more specific panels on aquaculture, high seas buyouts, and more.

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Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, president of Iceland, giving the welcome speech


On 16.3. and 17.3.2023 the NASF - Salmon-Summit 2023 was held in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Key issue of the summit was the influence of salmon farming industry on wild Atlantic Salmon stocks. Around this topic the development of wild salmon stocks, their actual status and main threats were presented. Numerous alternative methods to salmon farming in open net pens were shown and discussed. A further block of presentations by organizations from around the world showed how public awareness for the sometimes dramatic aberrations at sea could be raised. 

Please find a short summary of the summit in German and in English English.

The presentations of  Wanderfische ohne Grenzen at the summit you'll find here in  German and in English. 


A total of 39 presentations were highly substantial but also demanding to conceive the complete picture.  The content though seems extremely important for international salmon conservation. We want to invite  the circle of interested persons to take the opportunity to catch up on the content of the summit. The summary is based on screenshots of the presentations with German text added in the German version.  

Please find a detailed summary of the summit in German (part 1)  here  and in English (part 1) here.       


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