Migratory Fishes 

allis shad (Alosa alosa)

An important food fish in the 19th century still, the natural stocks of Allis Shad were extinct within only a couple of decades because of a lack of migration possibilities, destruction of natural river structures and overfishing.

Allis Shad belongs to the Hering family and migrates to the middle and upper part of the rivers for spawning.

Intensive Efforts to reintroduce the Allis Shad in Germany are starting to be successful.

Fry of Allis Shad produced in a French hatchery from parent fish of the Gironde where stocked in the Rhine. They survived, grew up and migrated to the sea and back. Natural reproduction has been proven in the Rhine system. Adult Allis Shad migrate up the Neckar up to the first migration obstacle.