The North Atlantic Salmon Fund was founded in 1989 by Orri Vigfússon, until today chairman of the NASF.

Rapidly vanishing stocks of Wild Atlantic Salmon and at the same time massive overfishing urged Orri to take action.

From the NASF point of view commercial agreements with netsmen are the key to a sustainable reduction of overfishing.

With his buying-out program Orri Vigfússon and the NASF made a crucial contribution to the conservation of the Atlantic Salmon in the North Atlantic.

Around 85% of the salmon net fisheries in this area are being paid by the NASF in order to refrain from fishing salmon.

Orri Vigfússon and the NASF are fighting for the remaining 15% that are practiced mainly in Scotland and Northern Norway.

In various countries around the Atlantic there are partner organizations of the NASF that are campaigning for the conservation and
reintroduction of the Atlantic Salmon.

“Wanderfische ohne Grenzen” is the German section of the NASF.

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