The Association

Organization of "Wanderfische ohne Grenzen"

The organizational stucture of the association consists of a strategy commission, an advisory board and the public relation section apart from the administrational institutions.

The strategy commission develops strategic action plans based on the fields identified by the advisory board.

The advisory board consists of experts of regional migratory fishes projects. All German watersheds are represented in the advisory board.

The public relation section develops concepts to raise public awareness also in the non-fish-related public for the issues of conservation and reintroduction of Atlantic Salmon and other migratory fish species.

With public awareness a financial base should be laid for the preparation and realization of priority projects the association plans to take care of.


The elected board of the association consists of:


Chairman:   Armin Weinbrenner

Co-chairman:   Stefan Ludwig

Treasurer:   Aurel Neimeier

Secretary:  Aurel Neimeier

1. Commitee Member:   Michaela Stroh

2. Commitee Member:   Manfred Raguse

3. Commitee Member:  Dr. Armin Göllner


Regional Chapters of the association:

Chapter Mitteldeutschland - Leipzig

Contact: Peter Leisebein,  Thomas von der Heide.


Chapter Bavaria - Munich

Contact:  Aurel Neimeier,  Michaela Stroh.