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The sustainable resettlement and the protection of the Atlantic salmon and other migratory fishes. "Wanderfische ohne Grenzen" (meaning: "Migratory fishes without frontiers”) wants to promote measures that turn rivers and other water bodies into functioning habitats again.

“Wanderfische ohne Grenzen” wants to raise public awareness of the current and historical situation of our waters and their species, especially migratory fishes. Here the Atlantic Salmon as a guiding species is of particular importance. In its original homeland Germany it was completely extinct in the 50s of last century.

There are numerous initiatives in Germany that deal with the protection and reintroduction of migratory fishes. The association “Wanderfische ohne Grenzen” wants to network those projects and give them a voice at the political level in Germany and Europe. In dialogue with all stakeholders ways should be found to achieve the goal of restoration of aquatic habitats and the holdings of their numerous creatures.


The vision of " Wanderfische ohne Grenzen " is to restore the stocks of Atlantic salmon as " king of fishes " to their historic abundance.

In the wake of the Atlantic Salmon all creatures of our rivers that were almost extinct will follow.

In the past it was those creatures that had turned waters to those rich habitats overflowing with life that we have almost forgotten.

The rivers and waters should be a source of joy, relaxation and last but not least a source for healthy foods for humans again.

To be able to watch leaping salmon in the rivers of our country should be a matter of course for all people again.


In the past people perceived the rivers as a threat that needed to be defeated. Ultimately the waters had nothing to oppose the will of man and his engineering skills.

A few generations ago there were rich habitats with many species and seemingly inexhaustible stocks. Over time they were destroyed and now eke out a tortured and battered existence.

For the people of our time that state of waters has unfortunately become normal. The important role they play as lifelines of our homeland has been forgotten.

It is the responsibility of the people alive today, to preserve the natural treasures for future generations .

”Wanderfische ohne Grenzen" wants to give a powerful voice to the silent creatures in our waters.

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