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Passive Integrated Transponders

Hdx 25  PA070417

...also commonly known as microchips are frequently used with fish as for many other purposes. Because of the comparatively low price it is possible to equip large numbers of fish with These transmitters  at reasonable cost. Adverse though is the short reach of the signal. The fish must therefore either be scanned manually or has to pass some bottleneck like a fish pass to detect the signal which is triggered by a electromagnetic impulse. Known applications are listed at the bottom of this page.

Report tagged fish...

DSC04527 klein 

             The transmitter is set into the injection needle...

   DSC04523 klein                ...the microchip is being injected...

 DSC04524 klein

...function checked...


 DSC04542 klein

 ...chip number and catch location data logged.


 Bild 039

   Permanently installed antenna at the new fishpass at Geesthacht/River Elbe...


 Bild 012

   ...and at the old fishpass at Geesthacht/River Elbe.


 Known applications - do you know others? If yes, please give notice to mail[at]

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