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... is the producer of this transmitter.  It is based on the PIT-TAG technology. The system though is adapted to achieve  high detection rates in big rivers with a lot of ship traffic and polluted waters with high conductivity values.  The technology is being used in large parts of the Netherlands in River Rhine and River Maas system. Because of the size even of the smaller models of the Transmitter, it is designed to be used for bigger fish.


The fish is anasthetized and ventilated...





...the transmitter implanted...


COVISI 007 klein

          ...the surgery cut sutured...


COVISI 009 klein

...and the fish (a sea trout) marked with a VI-tag behind the eye to be detectable from outside.


These four photos (above) were taken by Jan Kamann. For someone handling with fish in the watersheds of Rivers Rhine and Maas more frequently, it could be interesting to scrutinize fish for visible tags.

Report tagged fish ... 


Permanently installed antenna at a fish pass at Linne/Maas/NL...








.....and at the power station outlet at Linne/Maas/NL.




 Nedap Trail kit 

Principal array of the Nedapsystem. 3 antenna (see also above) in order to be able to also detect the direction of migrations.

Known applications - do you know others? If yes, please give notice to: mail[at]

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