Tagging Techniques:  Pop-up-Tags

Floating-up  GPS-transmitters

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...are being used more and more in the years past to monitor long distance fish migration routes (mainly at sea). These transmitters record GPS-Position, water depth, water temperature and light intensity. After a defined interval the transmitters detach from the test animal and float up to the surface. Once at the surface they send the recorded data to a satellite. From the satellite the data are transferred to a local computer that provides the data for analysis. Photo above shows a salmon that has been equipped with a pop-up-tag.  

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   Aarestrup Monitoring

These investigations revealed interesting results with after-spawning-salmon (kelts). For kelts from Danish River Skjernau for example it has been found that they migrate up to the East-coast of Greenland and as far as Svalbard high in the North (red dots).   Irish salmon (grey dots) on the other hand stayed far more South.  

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