Tagging Techniques:  Visible Tags

Optically visible tags...


VI Fisch     Smolt Oker pfeil
 Salmon smolt with VI-Tag    Salmon smolt with Colour Marking (arrow)


...are widely in use. Advantageous is the low price which makes it possible to tag a large number of fish at low cost. 

This technology can yield surprising results occasionally.  At River Stepenitz, a tributary to River Elbe, for example a sea trout had been tagged. Later it was caught  in the Skagerak north of Hirtshals/Denmark and the anchor tag was reported back to the Stepenitz scientists.



DSC00314  Anchortags on the tagging pistol at the Stepenitz   


 Report tagged fish...


VI Tag    VI Tag Kanuele 
VI-Tag on the carrier foil...  

...and a close-up of the injection needle

 DSC04963   PICT0367 schnitt 
 So called T-bar-anchortag of River Sieg   "set of instruments" to equip fish with T-bars and colour markings.


T-Bar-Anchortag of River Sieg


 Lachs Markiert 

  Salmon right after having been tagged with a T-bar-anchortag  (see arrow)


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