Tagging Techniques:  Acoustic Transmitters

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 ...acoustic transmitters are widely used all around the world. They are being utilized in fresh water as well as in salt water. Prices for transmitters and receivers are reasonable. There are complete networks of listening stations placed in the West-Atlantic belonging to the "Ocean Tracking Network"  (OTN). Lately such a network of listening stations has been installed in the North Sea called  "Fish Acoustic Receiver Network'. A number of similar applications are also known in Germany, they are not part of a greater Network though - (see below).

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The transmitters are usually placed in the abdominal cavity of the fish and they are not visible from outside. On this twaite shad (Alosa fallax) on the photo above the transmitter was placed on the outside to keep stress for this very delicate species as short and low as possible.  



ETN 40    

Overview of the Belgium Acoustic Network with permanently installed receiving stations and the species that have been equipped with transmitters until 2016.

(Source: Presentation of Jan Reubens at the meeting of the Advisory Board of NASF D 2016).

At this time 196 Acoustic Listening Stations (ALS) were installed in the North Sea and River Schelde and ist tributaries. 


Known Applications - do you know others? If yes, please give notice to mail[at]

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