Tagging Techniques:  Radio Telemetry


DSC04959 schnitt 50    Sieglachs Radiosender nah

Photo above Shows radio transmitters

(with antenna)...




 ...and on the right a salmon grils (one sea winter), that had been

equipped with a radio transmitter  as a smolt on ist way to the sea.

(source of photo: Armin Nemitz)


This kind of monitoring of fish migration is only used in fresh water and mostly in small and medium sized rivers.  With this technique individual fish can be followed directly with an antenna in hand.  They can also be received by stationary aerials.  Some of the transmitters are very small. Radio transmitters, together with PIT-tags are very often preferred as due to their size they are having the least influence on fish behaviour. Compared to PIT-tags the reach of radio transmitters is longer and thus the fish detection rate higher.  


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